Lynchburg Women Provide Funding for Internet Crime Fighting

Lynchburg, VA - Some local women gave a big boost to the fight against online sex crimes.

The Lynchburg South chapter of the Women of the Moose presented a $3,500 check to the Safe Surfin' Foundation.

That foundation awards law enforcement agencies with various internet crime fighting technology.

Tuesday they announced they would use the check to give the Russell County Sheriff's office a program called Cop in a Box; a software program that trains law enforcement to target online predators.

"I want to make sure that they're protected. That we do know there is a little bit more that we can kind of do to watch out for these guys that are out here trying to hurt our children" said Cheryl Hazlehurst of the Women of the Moose.

Women of the Moose has partnered with the Safe Surfin' Foundation for several years. The organization has provided cop in a box programs for multiple law enforcement agencies state-wide.