Lynchburg Woman's Special Day Helps Special Cause

Lynchburg, VA - Registering for wedding gifts is a tradition just about every engaged couple goes through. But this month, one Lynchburg woman traded that for a cause close to her heart.

Sara Robertson's dog and three cats are always at the center of special occasions. So when she was planning her October 13 wedding, they were on her mind.

"I really wanted our dog to be there," Robertson said after returning from her honeymoon.

Since carrying around the leashes and harnesses while greeting guests didn't make much sense, she came up with another idea.

"The mother of the bride contacted me and let me know what the groom and the bride were doing," Makena Yarbrough said from the Lynchburg Humane Society.

Instead of cake pans and table linens, Robertson asked her guests to bring dog and cat food.

"Some of them were like, 'we are not giving you dog food as a wedding present,'" Robertson said with a smile.

But, she got more than 200 pounds of it and the Lynchburg Humane Society put it to good use. Every day they go through roughly 100 pounds.

It wasn't the first special occasion the rescue organization has been a part of. The director says they've received money and food instead of birthday gifts, Christmas presents and at least four other weddings.

"It really says a lot about the couple that they were willing to give up their wedding gifts for the animals here," Yarbrough said.

Sara Robertson wasn't looking for recognition, just a way to give back to the organization that gave her a black cat named Puma.

"I've always been a big animal advocate so it was emotional for me to know that we were doing something to help them," Robertson said.