Lynchburg Woman's Fashion Featured in Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lynchburg, VA - Who could forget Beyonce's half time show performance during Sunday night's Super Bowl?

The outfits worn during that performance have a special story, with a local connection. They were designed and made by a woman from Lynchburg.

At 28 years old, Becca McCharen is now a leading industry fashion designer based out of New York City.

Her portfolio includes works designed for mega stars, the latest worn during last night's halftime show.

McCharen's story is an interesting one that all begins with her modest roots in the Hill City.

"Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles, she called and ordered 32 cages, that's what they're called, these things that she makes," said McCharen's mother, Karen McCharen.

McCharen watched in awe as her daughter Becca's distinct designs graced the national stage, during the half time show.

"It comes on and you're like, is that it?! Is that it?! And it was. I knew immediately because she has a very distinct style" said McCharen.

From an early age McCharen said she can remember her daughter having an eye for art.

"Her bedroom was a collage. Like every wall was covered in cutouts. It was a total collage" she said.

"She gets a t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, she stayed up half the night tearing it apart, and safety pinned it all together, and wore it to school the next day" said McCharen.

After graduating from Jefferson Forest High School in 2002, Becca attended UVa and discovered her love for fashion.

Becca would graduate and take a job working for the city of Lynchburg, during which she lived in the Riverviews art space, working at night, designing fashion.

In 2010, Becca left Lynchburg for the Big Apple, where she now runs Chromat, her own fashion design company.

"She had to try it. I mean it's surprising that it's gotten to this point so fast, but Becca is a really cool, unique person. And if anyone can do it, she can do it" said her Mom.

And her credits include much more than the Super Bowl.

"Nicki Minaj wore them, started out wearing them, and it's been on Saturday Night Live one time, yeah, I was watching almost fell off the sofa!"

McCharen's work has been worn by Madonna, Katy Perry, Pink and others.

Currently, she is busy organizing her first New York City fashion show set for this Wednesday.