Lynchburg Woman Nabs Gold in Virginia Senior Games

Cheryl Ptak

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg resident Cheryl Ptak took a gold and three silvers home from the Virginia Senior games in Newport News on Friday.Ptak is 66 years old, "going on 22," she says.{} After her wins at the state level. Ptak is eligible to compete nationally in Minneapolis in June.A retired teacher, Ptak says she wants to inspire not only children, but adults and especially seniors.Ptak said her advice to other seniors is that "You can do anything.{} Age should never stop you.{} All you have to do is go and do it.{} Don't talk about it, just go and do it."Ptak is retired from the Lynchburg school system, but still substitute teaches.{} She didn't get involved with swimming until her 30's and only started competing about three years ago.She tried out to be a Virginia Master swimmer and became hooked on the sport.Ptak credits being active, eating healthy and most importantly, having a positive attitude for her good health.{} At nearly 70, she has no major health conditions like diabetes.She took a silver in the 50 meter breaststroke, the 200 meter freestyle, and the 100 meter freestyle.{} Her pride{} and joy is her gold medal, which she got for the 100 IM - Individual medal.According to Ptak, swimming is a great way to make friends doing something you love.She plans to keep swimming, and more importantly, to keep being positive, for as long as she can.