Lynchburg Water Management Work May Cause Discolored Water for Residents

Lynchburg, VA- A heads up to folks who live in the Wards Ferry Road area of Lynchburg. The city is going to do some water management work Monday and Tuesday that could affect your water.

Crews will be working on a pump station at the corner of Wards Ferry Road and the entrance to Heritage High School. They've already installed the pump that will be mainly used for emergency purposes, now they just need to make sure it works.

Monday and Tuesday crews will be turning the pump on and off, which will change the water flow in that area. Scott Parkins with the Department of Water Resources says with the change in flow direction and volume, any rust that has built up on the pipes may get picked up in the water. He says residents in that area should keep an eye out for discolored water.

"There's potential for that rusty type material to become re-suspended in the water and that's what leads to what you'll see as a rusty, or just brown color sometimes in the water," said Parkins.

Parkins says the main areas that could be affected by this work are Wards Ferry Road, Heritage High School, and a portion of Wards Road. For a complete list of road and street names click here.

Crews will be opening up some fire hydrants to try and get that rusty water cleared out of the pipes before it reaches homes. However if you do see some discoloration in your water, Parkins says to just run your cold water for about five minutes, and that should clear things up.