Lynchburg Visitor's Center Could Move Out of Downtown

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Council will discuss moving the visitor's center out of downtown and into the new Chamber of Commerce building Tuesday.

President of the chamber Rex Hammond, who runs the visitor's center, says the new facility's convenient location on Border Street could increase the number of visitors by tenfold.

The city would have to approve spending roughly $400,000 to build an addition.

Rex Hammond says before any work gets started, their first priority is to talk to Lynch's Landing about the impact it could have on businesses downtown.

"About what we can do downtown that would be beneficial and helpful to their situation. However, a visitor's center needs to be where the visitors are and that's on the highways," he said.

Hammond says if the visitor's center moves, there will still be some kind of presence downtown, like a kiosk or satellite building.

City council will not vote on the measure Tuesday night.