Lynchburg Veterans Celebrate Bayonet Being Recovered

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg area veterans had a big reason to celebrate Friday, after a big piece of their history was recovered.

The bayonet mounted on the Doughboy statue's rifle, was stolen a few weeks ago, and just Friday it was found.

State police divers found it 15 feet underwater, near the area where Jessica McCrickard, the woman police say stole the piece, told them she'd thrown it back in September.

Veterans had a lot to celebrate Friday, because for 88 years, that monument has watched over downtown Lynchburg.

Many of the veterans who meet there each Friday said that wasn't only a missing part of that statue, that was a missing piece of their hearts; saying Monument Terrace belongs to every veteran in our area.

State Police presented it to the local veterans that meet at the monument each Friday, "As soon as I saw that, I was real shocked, and my hands started clapping on the window real fast, like golly that's great! Then I said, can I get it, hold it, so I got it, and I held it up for everybody to see, and I said look, we got it!" said veteran, Steve Bozeman.

"Once I passed the pile on, I saw what appeared to be something metal on the bottom or wood. And when I went and picked it up, it happened to be a bayonet" said State Trooper, Andrew Trombley.

Bozeman said folks at the Lynchburg Museum are working on a way to secure that bayonet for one final time, making sure it never leaves its post again.