Lynchburg Tobacco Warehouse Turned into Apartments

Lynchburg, VA - Another dilapidated building in Lynchburg has found a savior in the Daniel's Hill Historic District.

City Council is expected to give its stamp of approval on the change Tuesday night.

The plan is to take an old tobacco warehouse on Cabell Street and add apartments, maybe even retail.

If successful, the development could spruce up a forgotten part of the city.

In the shadows of Downtown Lynchburg sits a brick building with many windows busted. The building has certainly seen better days.

When Tobi Jaeger and her husband, owners of T&E Properties, stumbled across this building, at least Tobi's husband got a good feeling.

"He said, 'I just really love that building, and would like to do something with it,'" said Co-Owner Tobi Jaeger.

The plan is to divide the wide open space, with its exposed brick and wood beams, into about 47 apartment units. It would give people a one-of-a kind view of Blackwater Creek and the bike trails alongside it.

In fact, the trail and creating an active, lively neighborhood in the area, is integral to the project.

"Tried to do something we felt would really bring back this historic area," Jaeger said.

Daniel's Hill is lined with charming homes, like the B&B Carriage House Inn. Its owner, Mike Bedsworth is chair of the neighborhood historic committee.

As long as parking for residents is worked out, and developers tell us it is, Mike says the neighborhood's all in.

"Gave everyone a chance to voice their concerns and listen to the proposal, and I think pretty much everyone left happy with what they heard," Bedsworth said.