Lynchburg Teen Turning Heads While Playing Piano

Lynchburg, VA - One local young man is really turning heads by the way he tickles the old ivories. Isaac Williams is 16 years old and was asked to play at the Academy of Fine Arts building Tuesday Evening. He played during the Wine and Cheese Reception.

Many were stopping to listen and couldn't believe he was playing without any sheet music in front of him.

Williams says be began playing at 8 years old when his father bought him a light up toy piano.

Williams says he loves the way he is able to express himself while playing.

"Every time I play, I feel like I need to express myself through it or it's not music at all. Because if you're not showing your personality through what you're doing, then what are you doing," said Williams.

Williams says his favorite thing about playing is putting a smile on the faces of those who are listening.