Lynchburg Summer Camps Ready if Severe Weather Strikes

Lynchburg, VA - Local summer camps have plans set up in case severe weather strikes.

When the weather turns from a gorgeous day to a rainy one, most camps have a plan in place. Camp Kum-ba-yah, an all outdoor camp in Lynchburg, does not play around with safety when severe weather hits.

"That's critical. I think we've learned the last particular summer of what wind can do," said Camp Director Pat Haley.

Haley says they take the safety of their kids and staff very seriously.

"When we see a storm coming, that is when we alert the camp site," said Haley.

Preparations start before kids arrive.

"Typically in the mornings we'll check the radar just to make sure that if there is any inclement weather we can plan and let our counselors know in advance," said Kelly Stinnette, Camp Kum-Ba-Yah Programs Director.

Staff are not the only ones trained on what to do, campers are too. Take Colin Adams for instance.

"When Pat blows the horn, we follow our counselors either to the lodge or the house over there," said camper Colin Adams.

All kids are brought to the main campus and directed to one of five shelters.

"It's not that scary because when it's done, it's over and we don't really see that much," said Adams.

Rain or shine, nothing dampens to spirits at Camp Kum-ba-yah.

"Play in the rain and singing in the rain. In fact, usually when we have rain, that's the way we open up, with singing in the rain - camp style," said Haley.

If it is just light rain, the kids have fun in it. But if it is a storm, they take cover. Camp Kum-ba-yah wraps up around 4 p.m. every day, so just like Wednesday, campers missed all the rain.