Lynchburg Summer Camps Keep Kids Busy, Active

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools kicked off its summer camp for athletes Monday.

This summer isn't Kelly Bryant's first go-around coaching volleyball camp.

"Love the kids, love volleyball. Put them together it's great!," Bryant said.

This is Bryant's 15th year coaching. Over the years, she's seen how summer camp can whip kids in to shape.

"Maybe they won't get in that habit of sleeping until 12 o'clock, and then just being lazy the rest of the day. I think you have to keep your kids active in the summer," Bryant said.

Alyssa McBeth and Julia Hicks have risen to the challenge.

"This keeps you in shape, this keeps you healthy, makes you want to get better," said Julia Hicks.

"I think if you really want to improve and get better, you need to go to camps, play travel season, all that kind of stuff," Alyssa McBeth said of volleyball.

Aside from volleyball, city schools are offering other camps such as football in July, lacrosse, and track in late June.

Some of the camps are as short as three days, while others last as long as a week.

None of the camps cost more than $50.

"If you keep them active, keep them involved in volleyball, cheerleading, football, baseball, whatever, then there's a less tendency to get in trouble," Bryant said.

The issue isn't dragging the kids to camp, actually. Bryant says it's quite the opposite. Kids want to be busy. She says getting the parents to make the commitment that sometimes serves up conflict.

"It's sad to think that you have a child that wants to play a sport, and then mom or dad doesn't want to take them. I hate to even think about that, but it does happen," Bryant said.

If you are interested in these sports camps, there is more information here. For more information on the volleyball camps, click here.