Lynchburg Students Write Message to Sandy Hook

Lynchburg, VA - I think we're all finding ways to cope with the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Students at one Lynchburg school Tuesday are honoring the lives lost.

Sandy Hook and T.C. Miller are both elementary schools, but they also both have the same mascot, the eagle. Tuesday, students and staff at T.C. Miller wore green and white - Sandy Hook's school colors. And during their lunch break, they all stopped to write a special note to the kids in Connecticut.

Some say nothing is more meaningful than a handwritten message.

"I wrote, 'I'm sorry for your loss,'" said one student.

"Your staff that died is so brave to save their class," wrote another.

"Our colors are gold and black but today we are green and white, so we are all trying to be one in spirit," said Amy Huskin, principal, T.C. Miller.

Amy Huskin is Principal of T.C. Miller. As the students wrote notes to Connecticut, Huskin had this message for her students: "The message was to let them know, you are safe here at school. It's our job to keep you safe, and we're going to do everything in our power to make that happen."

"Do you feel safe here at school?" we asked.

"Yes," said the students.

Very safe because all of the doors are locked. On a school day at T.C. Miller, all exterior doors are locked. To enter, a visitor has to be buzzed in. And, administrators inside have a camera to see who's there.

Huskin says the school is secure, but is looking into ways to make it even safer.

"We are coming together to make sure that we have the very best plan possible," said Huskin.

Part of that plan is to help the students heal from this tragedy in Connecticut and here at home.

"I hope that it makes them feel better," said one student.

The banner says, "The T.C. Miller Eagles Soar with You - the Sandy Hook Eagles."

Members of their PTO came up with the idea and one of the parents drew the art work. The school now plans to send the banner and a group picture to Sandy Hook Elementary.