Lynchburg Students & Norman Family Give Christmas Gifts to Sick Kids

Lynchburg, VA - Thanks to some dedicated students, sick children everywhere are getting Christmas gifts this year.

Thursday, Liberty Christian Academy presented more than 1,000 gift bags for kids in hospitals.

Every year Nathan's family collects gifts for children in hospitals. Last year his family gave around 300 gift bags. This year, with the help of LCA students, the Normans are giving more than they ever imagined.

"I picked sports things, I like sports, so I chose different balls like coloring books and stuff," said Joshua Barrick, a junior at LCA. Barrick knows what it's like to spend the holidays in the hospital. His sister, Jennifer Barrick, nearly died in a car accident.

"When families are in the hospital sometimes you have no hope, sometimes, they need something to do," said Barrick.

Barrick filled two bags with gifts for boys.

"It's to give people, hope, you know, it's kind of like hope in a bag," he said.

With the help of Barrick's fellow students, the number of those bags of hope grew and grew and grew.

"I was overwhelmed by the generosity of our student body," said Scott Hyland, campus pastor at LCA.

"To come in and see the stage full was just amazing," said Dawn Norman, Nathan Norman's mother.

The school presented the gifts to the Norman family in a celebration fit for a king. Dawn Norman is looking forward to spreading this joy to sick children everywhere.

"For some of these kids this will be a bonus to what they receive for Christmas, but it will pass their mind of what they're going through and hopefully it will give them some bit of hope, some bit of home that we have," she said.

The gifts are also dedicated in honor of Amanda Ellis, a 2-year-old who died of leukemia.

The bags will soon be delivered to children at Duke, UVA,and several other hospitals.