Lynchburg Students Get a Dose of Reality

Lynchburg, VA - Middle school students at Dunbar got a dose of reality Thursday about money in a program called Reality Check.

It's an interactive financial fitness forum. Here's how it works: Students pick a career; organizers give them the average salary of that career, even cut them a fake check. Then, students visit booths, make payments, everything adults have to do: paying rent, insurance, student loans.

The student with the most play money still in his/her pocket at the end wins!

"You need to manage your finances early on in life to know how to more successfully do it later on in life, so you don't end up on a street corner with a cardboard box," said Tom Baker, 8th grader.

"It gives me more information for when I grow up. I know what to do and save money for a family and stuff like that," said Ty.

Goodwill Industries of the Valley created Reality Check. They're doing two more at Sandusky and Linkhorne.