Lynchburg Soccer Utilizes a Powerful Offense

LYNCHBURG - Winning the ODAC is not easy but Lynchburg is making it seem that way. "These seniors have never lost an ODAC game. I've been here 20 years and that's never happened with a group of seniors," head coach Todd Olsen said after winning the team's fourth consecutive ODAC Tournament title.

"It just makes everything worth it, all the work that we put in, all the times that we run that back hill for boot camps and everything so it's a great feeling," Dessi Dupuy said.

With a 21-1 record the Hornets are second in the country in scoring with 107 goals. That's almost 5 goals a game. Dupuy, who played at E.C. Glass H.S., individually leads the team in scoring with 21 goals. "We've scored over 100 goals the last three or four years in a row and it's just our style of play. I'm not a big fan of defense. I was a defender but I really don't like it. I like to score. I like to attack. I think the best defense is attacking and it's just much more interesting and so we sort of recruit to fill the positions that are going to allow us to play this style of play."

11th-ranked LC will travel to Georgia later this week and will face Centre College out of Kentucky Saturday and then could face Emory in the second round. Emory is the only team that beat LC this season.

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"We are trying to get to the top and that's what we're working for. This season has been practice for postseason and now we're going to come full throttle and win," Dupuy said.

When asked if she thought there were ten other teams better than the Hornets, senior Angela Bosco said, "I don't at all. Honestly this team that we have right now we have such great chemistry and we have so much talent on this team that I don't think anyone can stop us."

LC hasn't been shut out all season and based on their track record the offense is what will carry them. "I'd like to get back to the Final Four but soccer is a quirky sport. You've got to not hit the post and have a little bit of luck so we'll be shooting for some luck and playing hard and seeing what we can do to represent the ODAC in an awesome way," Olsen said.

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