Lynchburg Sheriff Candidate Owes Thousands in Unpaid Taxes

Lynchburg, VA - He's running for Lynchburg Sheriff, he's also run up a giant bill with the federal government.

According to court documents sheriff candidate, Kevin Chapman is facing a lien on his property for owing more than $11,000 in unpaid federal taxes.

An anonymous tipster sent the circuit court document to ABC 13. After reviewing it we discovered Chapman has had unpaid taxes from as early as 2007.

The lien document specifies that a demand for payment was made, and subsequently ignored. According to the document Chapman's unpaid taxes go all the way through the last tax period, that's December of 2012, the unpaid balance totals more than $11,500.

Chapman responded with handing us a document from the IRS which states an approval to repay the taxes in installments. Chapman says he's paying them back $500 a month.

He claims it all stemmed from a family member that was filing his taxes improperly. Chapman says as soon as he discovered the unpaid balance, he worked to correct it.

"I'm still the same person with high morals and ethics and I guess this is to take some sort of light off of what the Sheriff is facing right now, to take a little pressure off of him is why he's doing this" he said.

We have not confirmed who sent this information to our newsroom.

The race for Sheriff this week certainly has made headlines on both sides. On Wednesday we covered a story about the captain at the Lynchburg Sheriff's office who was allegedly involved in a pawn shop criminal embezzlement investigation.

Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney, Mike Doucette released a statement saying his office "concluded there is insufficient credible evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the deputy was involved in this embezzlement."