Lynchburg Sees Tons of Last Minute Christmas Eve Shoppers

Lynchburg, VA - There's nothing like waiting till the last minute. And some people took that to the extreme; saving the bulk of their Christmas shopping, for Christmas Eve.

Stores were flooded with procrastinating shoppers.

It was only a matter of hours, before Santa closed his shop for the season.

"It's not as bad as a Black Friday, but it's almost there. It's right in between, a Black Friday and a day after Christmas" said Target Manager, Aric Nowlin.

Lynchburg's Target saw no lack of last minute shoppers.

"A lot of the traffic that you see are the husbands picking up those last minute gifts for their wives. We've been having a lot of guys come in looking for different things" said Nowlin.

"It's kind of a tradition for the girls and I to go out on Christmas Eve, because usually I'm at the very last minute to buy everything" said one father shopping with his daughters.

"Most men, or Dads tend to wait till the last minute, it seems like" said another man.

But it wasn't only men procrastinating purchases.

"This was just some last minute extra. Everything was done, just coming out and getting some board games for the kids" said one woman.

Target employees estimate a few thousand shoppers will buy gifts on Christmas Eve; spending, a few thousand dollars.

"Maybe a thousand" estimated one man, on the amount of money he'd spend on Christmas Eve.

And in some cases, shoppers were out till the very last second.

"I have known us to go to the very last store we needed to be at, and close it down" said a shopper.

Many stores were open into the night on Christmas Eve; Target till 9p.m., Wal-Mart till 8p.m., and the River Ridge Mall till 6p.m.