Lynchburg Schools to Start Criminal Justice Program

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools are teaming up with the police force to bring criminal justice curriculum into the classroom.

It all started with a proposal a few years ago from the City School Board and since some recent restructure and personnel changes, the Lynchburg Police Department will begin this program in the fall 2014 school year.

Officer Gary Fink will be facilitating the program.

Having the additional officer at the school during different portions of the day will help to increase security. Officer Fink will also coordinate many different guest speakers from all areas of the criminal justice system to speak during this course.

Although this program will encourage recruitment for the police cadet program, it will focus on all areas of the criminal justice system.

"A high school student, he or she is trying to make some really tough decisions, and what we want to do is to be out there and show them that a career in the criminal justice system whether they serve as a police officer, or a magistrate or a judge or an attorney, or a clerk of the court or a probation/parole officer, just the idea of planting that seed and allowing our youth to decide for themselves what they would like to do," said Lt. Ragland.

Lt. Ragland said that he foresees hands-on practicals where students will participate in mock crime scenes, and mock trials. He also hopes to have evidence techs and detectives coming out to teach a class. Everyone is anxious to be a part of this program.

The end goal is to help students see that a career in criminal justice is a great choice and one that will certainly make a difference in the community.

This program will also work with Central Virginia Community College so that students can be earning course credit there.