Lynchburg School Students Tour Businesses on 'Good Neighbor' Day

Lynchburg, VA - Some Pre-K students in Lynchburg got a lesson on community Thursday. St. John's Day School held its 4th annual "Good Neighbor" event.

Teachers took the students to meet nearby store owners along Rivermont Avenue. The goal is to increase relationships with local businesses and introduce the children to people in their neighborhood.

One section of Rivermont Avenue became their very own Sesame Street.

"We go into each business and learn a little something about what they do," said Christie Hooper, director of St. John's Day School. "We met the postman, the banker, the baker."

They collected souvenirs from each stop.

"Seeing each business owner, not as a stranger but what they do and gets them to ask questions and gets them to learn," said Hooper.

One of the newest neighbors on the block is Boutique M. They just moved to their new location a few days ago.

-"Any positive influence on a child is always a wonderful thing. Especially in an environment that's happy and near their school and home," said Stacy Meeks from Boutique M.

For the month of May, St. John's celebrates the "Good Neighbor Near and Far Away."

"We have a handful of families that are from different countries so we celebrate the neighbors far away at the school doing crafts for that country," said Hooper.

It's also a way to introduce them to possible future careers so maybe one day, they can work on Sesame Street too.

"When they graduate, what do you want to be? I want to be a baker. I want to be a postman. So they can understand what they can do and what they can learn," said Hooper.

They visited nine businesses total. That group will graduate from St. John's Day school next week.