Lynchburg School Data Points to Increased Student Achievement

Lynchburg, VA - A report released by Lynchburg City school officials Monday, points to a positive trend; classroom achievement, student behavior, school culture, all improving.

Officials say it's all part of the district's new comprehensive plan; a new approach taken this year looking at targeting areas where students are lacking.

And, given Monday's announcement, it seems it's paying off.

The Report Card is in, and Lynchburg City Schools have passed.

Administrators are reporting across the board positive change in city schools.

This year compared to last, the number of students receiving A's and B's increased, and those receiving D's and F's fell.

"We think it's a big deal because we want to push all of the students to their highest potential," said E.C. Glass High School Principal, Dr. Tracy Richardson.

In her first year as Principal of E-C Glass High School, Richardson has noticed this positive trend isn't exclusive to academics.

"Each month we will sit down and we will look at our data as far as attendance, and referrals, that type of thing" she said.

Administrators report a substantial decrease in suspensions and unexcused absences.

Also, an overall improvement of school culture; community volunteers in city classrooms, has nearly doubled.

"Within the plan you see that we are really looking at achievement, behavior and culture" said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Al Coleman.

Coleman attributes the success to the school system's new comprehensive plan. A holistic approach, to guarantee students in Lynchburg are capable of competing in an increasingly competitive world.

"We want to work together to produce the best product and make sure that our students are on a level playing field with students from everywhere else in the world" he said.

It's something Coleman says won't happen overnight, but that reports, like the one released Monday, are indicating can happen.

"I see this as a journey towards an ultimate goal where all children are successful and all children can learn which is certainly what our mission is" he said.

As a part of the school system's comprehensive plan, these reports will be produced following each semester. You can view the school system report on achievement, behavior, and culture data, on the Lynchburg City School's website.