Lynchburg School Compact Raises Questions

Lynchburg, VA- Some Linkhorne Elementary School parents weren't quite sure what to make of a parent/student compact going home with their kids. They even posted some of their concerns on social media.

The school says the compact is aimed at boosting parental involvement. The parents we spoke with agree most of what's in it is good: things like spending 5 minutes a day reading and or talking with your child.

But Everett and Rachel Coleman had heard this is a signed contract that is required for their school to receive Title one funding, and some of the suggestions didn't sit well with them; things like I will take 5 classes or more of schooling beyond high school.

We spoke with Lynchburg City Schools Media Relations Coordinator Cindy Babb.

She says the school is required to hand out the compact to receive those funds, but it is not a contract and parents are not required to sign and return.

She goes on to say since they've handed out these recommendations for parental involvement; they've gotten a very positive response. They say if parents have any concerns with anything in the compact, they should talk to the school directly.