Lynchburg School Celebrating Black History Month With Music

Lynchburg, VA - Students at Bedford Hills Elementary School in Lynchburg got a musical surprise Friday.

Randolph College's Touch of Harmony program performed for them Friday afternoon and played several jazz selections from black composers.

It was all in the name of Black History Month. The whole school, some 500 students, came to the assembly.

Students say they were excited to hear all the music especially the acapella portion.

"I think it's cool because I feel that when you sing you don't always have to have something in the background like a bass or a guitar," said student Yasmen White.

"There were a lot of black people that did very important things that we don't usually remember, so, we want to celebrate those things that they did," said student Grace O'connell.

Touch of Harmony is an ensemble that performs vocal jazz and other arrangements at local schools, college functions, and sporting events.