Lynchburg Runners Honor Boston Marathon Victims

Lynchburg, VA - In Lynchburg, a group gathered Wednesday to show their support for the victims of Monday's bombings.

At Presbyterian Homes and Family Services a group of runners hit the pavement in hopes that their actions would be felt hundreds of miles away in Boston.

Lynchburg is a city of runners, and it was proven Wednesday, when with almost no prior planning, or notice, men and women showed up to run a special, 2.62 miles for Boston.

"To get to Boston it's a big goal for a lot of runners. To get there and to actually get across, it's a big achievement" said Lynchburg runner, Walker Pennock.

Runners, take care of their own.

"There's a kinship, and you start thinking about it" said Pennock.

He ran the Boston Marathon two years ago, "I can't even begin to get into my mind what it must have been like to come down Boyleston street, and be on Boyleston Street and have that happen" he said.

So when he heard about this 2.62 mile run, in honor of the 26.2 miles of the marathon, he came to run for Boston.

"The loss of life and the loss of everything, mobility for a lot of people, and the pain and the anguish; it's just a little way of sharing, and showing a little bit of support for that" he said.

"I ran it in 2008 and I hope to do it again" said Ellen Sarantos who also ran the Boston marathon.

She too came to run for Boston.

"Just by showing support like this, you know, that it's not going to stop us from running, we're going to be out there and show our support" she said.

"I think folks want to be together after any sort of tragedy, and for the running community this really hits close to home" said Brandon Gregory.

Gregory organized the run for Boston, here at Lynchburg's Presbyterian Homes non-profit.

A runner himself, he hopes everyone here runs for those who can't any longer.

"Some of the folks who were injured, running has been their life. They've been training for months and years to run the Boston Marathon, I mean it's the biggest marathon around. Just to think about those folks and what they're going through, and certainly pray for them and their families" he said.

"Everybody's just trying to pull and show that they understand, and that they feel that they'll help in any way they can" said Pennock.

Even from hundreds of miles away.

In all about 30 men and women ran Wednesday in honor of the Boston Marathon victims.