Lynchburg Roadside Gardens Are Model for Others

Lynchburg, VA - Friday morning, the landscape architect who helped start a program to put gardens along expressways was out videotaping them to show other localities what we're doing here.

The Lynchburg Expressway Appearance Fund, or LEAF, began 20 years ago. They're all privately funded to spruce up the corridors.

Architect Proctor Harvey says he's regularly talking with other municipalities about it, many of which have modeled programs after ours.

"We've been asked to go to Baltimore and Washington. The great part about it is this whole program started right in Lynchburg. So we want Lynchburg to get that credit as being the pilot city for the entire state."

Now a nonprofit is using LEAF as a model for SAGE, or Stormwater Alternatives through Green Enhancement.

It's focusing on infrastructure for the gardens to alleviate stormwater runoff problems.