Lynchburg Restaurants Look to Win Big on Super Bowl Sunday

Lynchburg, VA - For many area restaurants, the Super Bowl means super sized crowds, food, and business.

Many bars and restaurants count down the days until the Super Bowl. Some Super Bowl Sunday is a black out day for their employees, meaning everyone works.

Jay Hott is the owner of Fox's Pizza Den in Lynchburg.

"Super bowl is really busy for us, we've had some preorders already today," Hott said.

Hott says Super Bowl Sunday is by far the most popular time of the year for their 30 inch pizza.

"If we do a pepperoni Big One, it's 300 pepperonis. The pizza it's self weights roughly 15 pounds, 50 ounces of cheese, 50 ounces of sauce," Hott said.

The 52 slice pizza is almost 8 times more food.

While some places are preparing for massive deliveries, others are planning for huge crowds.

Robin Campbell is a manager at the Lynchburg Buffalo Wild Wings.

"It is one of our busiest times of the year," Campbell said.

The restaurant staff expects to serve around 12,000 ounces of beer during the big game.

"Everybody is just ready for game day. This is what we live and breathe for so we are really excited," Campbell said.

Employees aren't the only ones putting in long hours. One fan arrived more than seven hours early just to save a spot for game time.

"I'm a football fanatic first, so I got to be here to make sure and save a table here. I got here right when they opened, 11 o'clock. I was one of the first people through the door today," said Thomas Polisso, Jr.