Lynchburg Restaurants Busy This Mother's Day

Lynchburg, VA - If you find yourself always having trouble buying a gift for Mother's Day you can always take mom out for a nice meal.

Restaurants all over our area are busy serving mothers on their special day.

WaterStone Pizza in Lynchburg was packed Sunday with mothers being treated to a meal by their loved ones.

Every child that came in with their mother received a free pack of sunflower seeds to give to their mother to plant.

One of the managers there says they had to bring in more staff to accommodate the crowds.

"It's all hands on deck, everyone that can work will work. Extra people in the kitchen, extra floor staff, extra management, extra bartenders, extra dish washers," said WaterStone Manager Roy Badgley.

With several graduations this weekend restaurants are reporting even more people than a typical Mother's Day.