Lynchburg Residents Share Fears for Family and Friends in Boston

Lynchburg, VA - Locally, the Boston bombings and manhunt really hit home for some people.

Whether you lived in Boston, or have friends or family who do, it seems many have a connection to that city. It's been a long and sad week for those who call Boston home.

Friday was especially difficult, their eyes glued to the TV, watching helplessly, always wondering if their friends and family were ok.

"For me, coming into work and having it be almost a normal day, it shouldn't be a normal day, it doesn't feel like it should be a normal day" said Melody Stone.

For Stone, Friday was hardly a normal day.

"Yeah, I'm just leaving it up right here and doing all my work in the other one" she said as she watched live news coverage of the Boston manhunt on her work computer.

She was watching constantly, the coverage from Boston "It's been heartbreaking. It's almost kind of painful just not being able to be there" she said.

She and her brother Jeremey grew up just outside of the city. The past few days have been nonstop for the Stones, trying to reach friends and family.

For Jeremey, the week's events are hitting way too close to home.

"This morning I woke up to this shoot out, it ended up being on an old friend's lawn" he said.

"They were tweeting things like you know; we're staying safe, hiding under the kitchen table. They had a couple of bullets come into their house" he said.

"Due to this city emergency, all patients, staff, and visitors are asked to remain in the hospital until further notice" read Michael Preston's email from a friend in Boston.

"My late wife was from the area, 39 years that was home" said Preston.

He has deep roots in Boston. He worked in the trauma center of a Boston hospital and taught at MIT.

In emails to friends, he comforts and encourages, "Conflict and violence are a natural part of things unfortunately. So just to try to make the best that, that we can with what's available to us and not be overwhelmed and not be twisted by it" he said.

"It just makes us stronger" said Stone.

Still hope for these folks after an emotional and trying few days.

Jeremey's friend who had the shootout take place in his Watertown front yard is ok. All were incredibly grateful they can begin now to put all of this behind them.