Lynchburg Residents Rate the City in Survey

Lynchburg, VA - How would you rank the quality of life in Lynchburg? A citizens survey just released by the city shows the majority of locals love it but, the overall quality of life comes in below the national average.

In the survey, 1,200 Lynchburg residents were contacted, and nearly 400 responded. Overall, Lynchburg had 15 areas below the national benchmark and three above. The 102-page study finds that locals love churches and volunteer activities, but are not too fond of public parking, unemployment and roads and construction. Also, 75% of respondents say the quality of life in Lynchburg is either good or excellent.

"It's nice it's fresh air, it's clean. Everybody is really nice, personable," said Lynchburg resident Brian Rossiter.

"It's fair. It's ok I guess," said Lynchburg resident Ashley Smith.

A majority of that 75% plan to stay in Lynchburg for at least five more years.

"My little girl's here, I love her being raised here, I wouldn't want to go anywhere," said Rossiter.

Allen has one major concern though.

"Ugh, I just can't stand the streets," said Lynchburg resident Trina Allen.

In fact, only 28% give street repair a positive rating. That number has steadily declined over the past nine years.

"The roads that are generally traveled, there's no problems," said Rossiter.

Two characteristics getting low ratings: public parking and unemployment.

"I just had a daughter back in Jan of last year and I've been out of work since then and I'm trying to get back and it's really hard," said Smith.

Communications and Marketing Director Joann Martin says the numbers are pretty stable in comparison to previous years but says she is glad the city conducted this survey.

"We're going to be using the results of the survey to help with strategic planning, also to look at the services we do provide and where we didn't do as well as we could have, we'll look to see how we can improve that," said Martin.

Martin says the project was roughly $18,000 to complete. She says doing surveys like this are great because not everyone can make it to public meetings and this gives them an opportunity to have their voices heard.