Lynchburg Regional Airport Officials Against Combining Facility FBOs

Campbell Co., VA-Lynchburg Regional Airport officials are trying to keep some big changes from happening at their facility. The Airport's Commission voted not to support one of their fixed-base operators purchasing its competitor. Freedom Aviation, owned by Liberty University, wants to buy Virginia Aviation and merge companies. Right now the businesses compete against each other to use Lynchburg Regional's facilities, and provide the airport services like aircraft maintenance.

Mark Courtney, Lynchburg Regional's manager, says it's actually part of Virginia Aviation's contract with the airport that the company not be sold, or the contract will be terminated. Courtney says this is to prevent Freedom Aviation from creating a monopoly, and pushing out other users.

"Increased costs, and possible lack of facilities to be able to accommodate their type of aircraft, the general aviation aircraft user," said Courtney.

Courtney says Lynchburg City Council will ultimately decide whether to allow Virginia Aviation to make the sale to Freedom Aviation. The airport commission's decision not to support the purchase only serves as a recommendation to city council.

Council's vote is scheduled for June 24th.