Lynchburg Rated Among The Happiest And Healthiest Cities In The Nation

Lynchburg, VA - According to a recent Gallup Poll, Lynchburg has ranked 37thamong 189 United States metro areas as defined by the U. S. Office ofManagement and Budget for its state of well-being.

Gallup has defined this interms of the happiest and the healthiest cities in the Nation. The only otherVirginia cities that ranked higher were the Washington D. C. area includingAlexandria and Arlington for large communities and Charlottesville for smallcommunities.

Gallup conducted 178,000 interviews nationwide and asked people to consider aset of six sub-indexes which individuallyexamine life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, physical health,healthy behaviors, and access to basic necessities.

According toNew York Times best-selling author Tom Rath, well-being is about the interaction between physicalhealth, finding your daily work and experiences fulfilling, having strongsocial relationships and access to the resources you need, feeling financiallysecure and being a part of a true community.

"Well-beingis dependent on all of these factors," writes Rath, "which makes it complex tomeasure - but worth the effort, because when people thrive, populations becomehealthier and less costly, businesses become more productive, and people livemore fulfilling lives."

The entire report can be found HERE.

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