Lynchburg Public Works Waiting for Snow Piles to Melt

Lynchburg, VA - This warm up sure is helping to melt all that snow out there, but some patches are resisting the sun a little more than others, particularly those giant snow piles.

Lynchburg Public Works says they're waiting it out though. Director Gaynelle Hart says their protocol is to let those piles melt on their own instead of moving them, unless they are causing traffic issues.

For the most part they've gotten that taken care of already. Now they're only responding to snow pile complaints.

"We've only received about a half a dozen complaints this morning. We are looking into those. A lot of piles of snow blocking a driveway or something like that. So that's what we're taking care of now," said Hart.

Hart says they do not foresee any issues with drainage systems in the next couple days, even though some storm drains are currently blocked by snow. She says if any problems do arise, they'll work with Water Resources to keep things running smoothly.

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