Lynchburg Police Seek Leads After Shots Fired on Carroll Ave.

Lynchburg, VA - There were a few tense moments on Carroll Avenue in Lynchburg Monday afternoon, after a man opened fire.

Police say shortly before 1 p.m., they received multiple calls describing shots being fired in the 3200 Block of Carroll Ave.

Lynchburg Police say a man pulled up in a burgundy Ford Explorer and shot at a man in a driveway.

When police arrived, neither a suspect nor a victim could be found.

A car at the scene had multiple bullet holes, though.

Hall Battery is just down the street from where it happened.

Mechanics there heard the whole thing.

"It was just Bang, Bang, Bang. It was about 5, 6, 7 of 'em. We looked out and just saw a couple people scattering like cats, and a truck take off down the road," operator Jeff Hall said.

After the shooting, police say the suspect drove off, while the victim left on foot. They are not sure if the victim was actually shot.

If you have any information about this, you are asked to call Central Virginia Crime Stoppers at 1-888-798-5900.