Lynchburg Police Seeing Increase in Car Break-Ins

Lynchburg, VA - Now that summer is here, Lynchburg officials say they are seeing an increase in car break-ins.

In fact, one Lynchburg family is dealing with not one, but two vehicle break ins within the past two weeks.

The incidents happened in the 3600 block of Old Forest Road, both Friday night.

The first time the owner reported the incident to police, the second time, he did not.

The Lynchburg Police Department says it is vital to report each and every time.

"This is the first vehicle right here that had the laptop and paperwork taken out of it, and this one here just happened a couple days ago where the window was busted out and the money was taken. So two vehicles in two weeks is pretty frustrating," said Shawn Kerns, who's had two cars broken into.

Kerns says he is out nearly $3,000. The laptop valued at around $2,500 was taken right out of this front seat. The only evidence left behind are personal documents that were also taken from the vehicle and found scattered up and down this hill near his home.

Just two weeks later, Kerns had to pay more than $200 to replace this window after vandals struck again, but this time they only made off with $4 in cash.

"I feel a sense of invasion and a lot of frustration and actually a lot of anger too but, what can you do?" asked Kerns.

Kerns says some of his neighbors have dealt with similar incidents.

"Speaking with the neighbors around here other things have been taken and rummaged through from what I understand and some property damage to vehicles," Kerns explained.

Many of the break-ins have gone unreported, something that Officer Coleman, III says helps only the criminals.

"It's always good to report it, that way we know what areas are being targeted right now and we can focus our attention to those a little bit more and see if we can prevent it," said Officer Coleman.

"I'm talking about getting a DVR system where I can watch it on my phone and record up to 30 days and hopefully maybe we can catch somebody," Kerns said.