Update: Woman Dies from Apparent Drowning at Camp Kumbayah

Lynchburg, VA - A 27 year old woman is dead after an apparent drowning at a camp pool in Lynchburg.

According to Lynchburg Police Holly McQuarry, a Lynchburg resident, was found in a pool Monday morning at Camp Kumbayah (off of Boonsboro Road).

She was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police said McQuarry was with a group of adults on the camp's property in the early hours of Monday morning. Just before 5:00 a.m. a member of that group called 911.

Police do not believe any foul play was involved in her death.

Police and the camp director want to be very clear -- camp was closed, campers were not at all involved in this incident.

They said anyone that would have been on the property that early in the morning would have been trespassing.

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