Lynchburg Police Say They Train For Shooting Scenarios

Lynchburg, VA - Amidst the sadness and confusion of Friday's school shooting, locally, law enforcement officials say they are prepared for any situation that might mirror the one today in Connecticut.

Lynchburg police say it's a scenario they hope to never have to encounter, but it's one that they must prepare for.

Lynchburg police work very closely with school officials to develop crisis plans.

For instance, a scenario with a weapon in or around a school would lead to a lock down of that building, teachers are trained to handle the situation until police arrive.

When police are notified of an "active shooter" they respond with a tactical unit trained specifically for scenarios like the one we saw today in Connecticut.

"We're going to rely a lot of times pretty heavily on some of the school staff, personnel there to be, all of them are trained as well in what to do in situations like this. So they're hopefully going to be following those protocols that they already have in place so that when the officers do respond that they can focus primarily on the threat that's in the school," said Lynchburg Police Captain, Ryan Zuidema.

While the scenario today took place in a school... police tell me they're trained to handle active shooter situations in any environment.