Lynchburg Police Release Search Warrants With New Info on Liberty University Shooting

Lynchburg, VA - Search warrants just released by the Lynchburg Police Department are shedding new light on the shooting death of a Liberty University student.

According to one warrant, police found a pair of scissors with a red substance on it underneath Joshua Hathaway's body at the Annex Two residence hall at 3125 Albert Lankford Drive.

Police are not saying what role those scissors may have played in the struggle, and they're not releasing ANY new information about the case today.

But these warrants do shed some light on Hathaway's behavior.

Joshua Hathaway's roommate told police he was acting unusual and having academic and financial difficulties in the days leading up to this attack.

The warrants say on Tuesday morning, Hathaway walked into the residential annex hall, told a security officer that he had been robbed and someone stole his vehicle and then pulled out a hammer from his clothing and assaulted the officer.

The warrants say the security officer then fired two rounds at Hathaway, at least ONE projectile struck him, killing him.

Along with the scissors underneath Hathaway's body, police recovered a pair of glasses, two bullet casings, miscellaneous bandages on the carpet, and took samples of what appears to be several blood stains.

Police also searched Hathaway's car, a 2004 white Pontiac sedan, which was parked right outside of the building.

They found $300 cash, an iPhone, another cell phone, two computer flash drives and a printed map with directions on it.

They have not disclosed where the directions would lead.

Police say he was shot dead after attacking a security officer with a hammer in the lobby of an off campus dorm, at Residential Annex II.