Lynchburg Police Get Grant to Train Officers on Juvenile Behavioral Problems

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police got nearly $60,000 to help train officers on how to handle kids with behavioral problems.

This is the second year LPD has gotten a crisis intervention team grant from the state's attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli.

The C-I-T program's goal is to not just automatically arrest these people but to help get them in touch with mental health professionals immediately.

Their goal is to have every officer CIT trained including school resource officers.

"The difficulty is people with behavioral problems or in behavioral health crisis might not need to be arrested or incarcerated, they might need other forms of assistance and law enforcement can help get them that help they need more quickly," said Chief of Lynchburg Police, Parks H. Snead.

The Martinsville Police Department got $166,000 to train officers, and the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office got $173,000 for their department.