Lynchburg Police: No Clues Found In Search For Missing Teen

Lynchburg, VA - It has been a terrifying few days for a mother, wondering where her 18 year old daughter is. The search for Jamisha Gilbert wrapped up Monday along Concord Turnpike where Lynchburg police say her Honda Accord was found.

Police say they found no signs at all giving them any idea to what happened to this young, promising woman.

Her mom says, she last heard from her daughter on Wednesday.

"She said I just wanted to hear your voice" said Norma Gilbert-Eldridge.

Those were the last words Eldridge would hear her 18 year old daughter Jamisha Gilbert speak, "And that's when I started to worry" she said.

Friends tell police they last saw her late Thursday night when she was dropping her boyfriend off at home. Early Friday morning her car was found wrecked on Concord Turnpike.

So far police won't comment on the damage, but her mother did.

"The side view mirror was off, and some other parts of the car, the headlight was off. And the railing where she had hit had a lot of paint from the car" said Eldridge.

Eldridge says Jamisha was an honor roll student at Heritage High School; a scholarship recipient, looking to study at CVCC, this spring.

"She graduated with high honors and her hopes is to be a lawyer one day" she said.

"We are concerned for her welfare and for her safety" said Lt. Dave Gearhart of the Lynchburg Police Department.

Lynchburg Police describe her disappearance as suspicious. On Concord Turnpike Monday, a frenzy of law enforcement scour the scene where Jamisha's car was found. The search extended into the James River by boat, even into the sky with a state police helicopter.

"But thus far, nothing has been found" said Gearhart.

And until the time something is found, her mother's left with only one thing to do, "Just pray that she's all right, that she comes back home, and that she knows that she is loved" she said.

Lynchburg Police say they are interviewing Jamisha's boyfriend, the one friends say, she was last with before her disappearance. However police tonight saying no suspects have been identified.

If you have any information on this young woman's disappearance, you're asked to call Lynchburg Police at (434)455-6054.