Lynchburg Police Make Robbery Arrest

Derrick Christopher Beard

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg detectives are calling it a stroke of good luck. On Tuesday, they arrested an armed robbery suspect who they say left behind a key piece of evidence.

Police say Derrick Christopher Beard, 33, of Amherst forgot his cell phone when he robbed the BP Food mart on Old Forest Road last week. They say he ran out of the store carrying a pistol and a bag of money but left the phone on the counter.

Detectives say it led them right to him.

"It is very important though, any piece of evidence that is left behind is obviously crucial but in a case like this, that definitely helps out a lot," said Lynchburg Police Det. B.R. Brooks.

Police say criminals sometimes leave behind important items like wallets or ID cards. They say that makes their jobs much easier.