Lynchburg Police Make an Arrest in the Lynda Slocum Murder Case

Scott Miles

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police say they have arrested a suspect in the Lynda Slocum murder. Investigators say Monday a grand jury indicted Slocum's estranged son in law Scott Miles for her murder.

Miles is charged with first degree murder. Detectives say they went to Hopewell Monday night to arrest Miles. Miles is currently in the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center. Slocum was murdered last December.

A previous police warrant shows Slocum was found sitting in a chair with a wooden book rack on top of her. Police were called to her home on Ravenwood Drive -- after neighbors said they had not seen her in a couple of days.

The warrant says a basement door had been forced open -- and the house appeared to have been ransacked.