Lynchburg Police Hold Academy for Teachers

Lynchburg, VA - Teachers in Lynchburg switched roles with their students Thursday. They were the ones learning a lesson.

It was all a part of the Teacher's Police Academy; an eight week program sponsored by the Lynchburg Police Department, aiming to educate teachers on how law enforcement in Lynchburg works.

15 LCS teachers and administrators participate in the program. Thursday they learned all about criminal investigations and police personnel.

Teachers say the academy helps them understand their students better.

"I work with inner-city students and we realize their environment is so much different than some other students may be. So the more that we can learn about what goes on in the community, the better we'll be able to serve them in the way we do our instruction" said elementary school teacher, Kathy Dillard.

This is the third year of the program. Next week the teachers will be learning about gangs in Lynchburg.