Lynchburg Police Department Swears In Seven New Recruits

Lynchburg, VA- Thursday Lynchburg Police Department swore in seven new officers.

Families and friends came out to support the officers as they pledged their service to the Lynchburg community. The new recruits graduated last night from a six month course at the Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy. They will now have three months of field training to learn how the Lynchburg Police Department works.

Chief of Police Parks Snead says they couldn't be more excited to have these officers join the force.

"It can be hard to find young people who want to devote themselves to careers of community service and of course that's exactly what police officers do. So we're happy to find people to do that, particularly of the caliber of these seven officers, and their gold in our community's pocket," said Snead.

Snead says ceremonies like this are reinvigorating for the entire department.