Lynchburg Police Department considers adding "Cop Cams" to force

{}Lynchburg, VA- In the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri incident and the questions that linger over just what exactly happened between Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, many are calling upon the nation's police departments to employ the use of "body worn cameras" on its officers. {}Supporters say if Officer Wilson had been wearing a body camera, there would be little in question as to what happened the day he shot Brown.{}The Lynchburg Police Department has been researching body worn cameras on select members of its force over the past six months, said department spokesperson, Lt. Dave Gearhart. Gearhart told ABC 13 that a few of the officers have tried out a total of five different camera models on about four of its patrol force. Now, the decision has come down to two different models, both made by the same manufacturer. Gearhart wouldn't reveal the cost of the individual cameras but they can run from a couple hundred to several hundred dollars per camera.{}Gearhart told ABC 13 that the real cost of the so called, "cop cams" can be involved with the data storage and the quality of sound recorded and manpower to maintain them. As for the response from his fellow officers and the public so far, "there tends to be a more positive response when officers have the cameras on and it allows us to have some accountability when we're on calls," he said.{}

There isn't any specific timeline as to when or even if the cameras will be added to the department, Gearhart told ABC 13, but "we like to be at the forefront when it comes to technology." {}