Bedford Pastor Travels Cross Country for Veterans

Bedford, VA - A Bedford pastor is making his way across the country for a great cause.

Mike Dodson Jr., the Pastor for Reality Ministries International is more than half-way through what's called the Run for the Wall; a cross-country motor cycle ride, to help bring awareness to American prisoners of war and veterans issues.

The ten day trek starts in California, and culminates on Memorial Day Weekend in Washington D.C.

More than 1,000 bikers are participating. Along the way Dodson says they make stops at memorials and Veteran's hospitals.

Dodson is driving a water truck, providing drinks to all the bikers, "We're there simply to serve the veterans and those who are supporting the veterans. We do that by giving away water, Gatorade at all the stops. If someone needs us, if someone needs some prayer, you know they have some emotions running high when they get to seeing some of these memorials, we're there for them."

On Thursday, the bikers will stop at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford. Their trip ends when they arrive in D.C. on Friday.