Lynchburg Officials Remind Residents to Be Prepared for Storm

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg city officials are reminding residents to be prepared for the possible effects that can result from Hurricane Sandy.

Our area might see high winds, downed trees and power outages.

Dave Owen, the director of public works, says people should wait until Tuesday morning to put out their trash carts for collections. He says leaf collection will also be suspended if the winds become too strong.

City officials ask that you continue to monitor their local media for weather conditions. Please do not call 911 unless there is an emergency. Residents may call 856-2489 or 211 for information.

What to watch out for:

If a traffic signal is out, drivers are advised to treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

Never drive through water flowing across a road. It takes only six to 12 inches of water to float a small vehicle.

Never drive around barricades. Remember, the road has been closed for your safety.

Slow down when driving through standing water. Driving too fast through water could cause you to lose control and hydroplane.

Avoid flood-prone areas, especially along creeks and other low-lying areas. Water in those areas can rise quickly and without warning during heavy rains.

In the event of a flash flood warning for your area, seek high ground immediately.

Watch for debris on the roadway. If you encounter a downed power line, do not try to move the line. Downed trees may contain power lines.