Lynchburg Officials Encourage Residents to Prepare For A Major Winter Storm

Lynchburg, VA - A major winter storm is expected to impact the area starting Wednesday afternoon. With heavy snow in the forecast, travel will quickly become treacherous. Crews will be working around the clock to clear city streets, handle slick spots and address other street problems.

The City priorities for clearing streets are as follows:

Priority 1: Clearing all primary streets and heaviest traffic routes

Priority 2: Clearing all collector streets and bus routes

Priority 3: Plowing residential streets if more than two inches of snow accumulates

To give crews a better opportunity to clear snow from the streets:

  • Park in driveways wherever possible.
  • Do not abandon vehicles in the street.
  • Whenever possible, wait until the snow plow has passed before clearing your driveway.

Citizens are asked to direct calls for service and information related to weather conditions to the appropriate offices that can best respond to their needs:

  • Call 455-4450 for snow removal information.
  • Call 515-5080 for School Closing information.
  • Call 856-2489 for other City information.
  • Calls to 9-1-1 should be reserved for emergency situations only.
  • To report power outages, call AEP at 800-956-4237.
  • To report problems with water mains in city streets, contact the Dept. of Water Resources at 455-4250.

Residents should make sure their vehicles are equipped in advance of the storm. Chains or snow tires are required when streets are snow covered. Play it safe and avoid unnecessary trips. If possible, bring outdoor pets inside or move them to sheltered areas, and make sure they have access to plenty of food and water. Consider checking on elderly neighbors and helping them with grocery shopping, snow shoveling and other chores.

Exercise extreme caution at all times. Remember that according to City Code, it is the duty of the occupant of every dwelling to have all snow removed from sidewalks and footways within four (4) hours after snow has stopped. If the snow ends at night, sidewalks and footways must be cleared by 12:00 p.m. the following day.

During and after the storm, the City will provide updates on the snow removal process through its website,