Lynchburg Musician Had Instruments Stolen

Police have returned about half of Thomas's stolen items.

Lynchburg, VA - More victims are coming forward after a rash of car break-ins in Central Virginia. One Lynchburg musician says the thieves got away with his musical instruments.

Police arrested four men last week in connection with those break-ins. But more charges - and even arrests - are expected.

Lynchburg Police say even now victims are still coming forward. So far, police have found 150 items - 100 stuffed into a single car. The plan is to return them to their rightful owners.

Musician Ryan Thomas had to buy new whistles since thieves broke into his car and took his. But, some whistles are too rare to find again.

"The other one I can't replace. The guy isn't making them anymore. There's only a couple thousand of those in the world," said Thomas.

Police recovered and returned about half of Thomas's $2,000 worth of stolen items.

"At the time, I wasn't planning on seeing any of my stuff ever again," said Thomas.

Thomas never imagined he'd get robbed. After a late night at a gig, he locked his car - or so he thought. Turns out, the passenger door never locked. The next morning, getting in his car, Thomas had a clue something was wrong.

"I saw a little Chik-fil-A fry carton on the ground next to my passenger side door. At that point, I knew that somebody had broken into my car," said Thomas.

"It's been a while since we've had this many items taken in such a short time frame," said Det. B.R. Brooks, Lynchburg Police Department.

Det. B.R. Brooks is sorting through the stolen items now. A peak at the search warrant shows the list is long.

Police have made arrests. They used credit cards to track down the men.

Thomas is grateful for the arrests, but feels violated somebody took what he owns.

"People like these need to be caught and they need to be put in jail for a very long time," said Thomas.

Thomas is holding out hope the thieves dumped his music bag with his instruments in it. Keep your eyes open for a red, gray and blue Quiksilver bag; it could be Ryan Thomas's.