Lynchburg Movie Theater Cutting Ticket Prices

Lynchburg, VA- If you love going to the movies, but hate those high prices, listen up. A Lynchburg theater is drastically reducing their ticket prices.

Starting this Friday, Visulite Cinemas at 'The Plaza' will start offering movies for just $2. But, this means they will no longer be showing new releases when then they first come out. The General Manager says tickets sales have been low lately. And, they are hoping the cheaper prices will attract more movie-goers.

"We feel like there is a lot of un-reached movie-goers out there that are kind of threatened by high movie prices. We feel if can offer a value to them, and lower our prices down to where everyone can afford it maybe they will come out to see some movies, and get some quality entertainment in," said Chris Davidson, General Manager of 'Visulite Cinema' in Lynchburg.

The new prices start Friday. The 'Visulite Cinema' will still try to offer artsy and independent films.

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