Lynchburg Man to Spend 45 Years in Prison for Role in Murder

Dennis Watts Jr.

Lynchburg, VA - The second of two men convicted of murdering a Lynchburg man in front of his young son will spend 45 years in prison.

A judge sentenced Dennis Watts Jr. Friday morning for first murder, burglary, attempted robbery and three firearms charges.

Watts wasn't the triggerman, but prosecutors call him the gun-toting gang banger who knew the victim and supplied the gun that ultimately ended his life.

In April 2011, Watts stood in the doorway while Raheem Johnson shot Timothy Irving execution-style in front of his girlfriend and their 2-year-old son.

Although Watts' lawyers claimed at trial there was a third person involved in the killing, the prosecutor says there's no evidence of that.

The judge sentenced Watts to serve 45 years of an 85 year sentence.

It marks the end of two trials for two killers prosecutors call heartless, sickening and tragic.

"I agree 100 % with the victim's family that there's a special anger for Dennis Watts. He was the one that conned his way into that bedroom and he's the reason that Tim is dead now," said Chuck Felmlee, the Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney.

"My interpretation was it was a silly, foolish act and a tragic accident that obviously has affected all the families involved on both sides," said Andrew Childress, who defended Watts.

Before the judge handed down the 45 year active prison sentence, he threw out an abduction and firearms charge.