Lynchburg Man Shows Off Sweet M&Ms Collection

Lynchburg, VA - From a motorcycle and truck to pillows and toys, Lynchburg native Tracey Bryant has an impressive M&Ms collection.

"A lot of people know me as the M&M man from over the years," said Bryant at his home in Lynchburg.

It all started almost 15 years ago. His wife got him an M&M figurine to keep on his desk.

"And a couple of months later, I got another one...and then the collection started from there," he said.

"This is the fan club welcoming you to the club. This is the M&M room 1" said Bryant as he walked inside a room decorated with everything M&M.

Two rooms in his house are solely dedicated to displaying his prized selection.

"We painted the colors of the walls in the one room the colors of the M&Ms. And we have hand-painted M&Ms on the walls as well."

Inside, there are thousands of different items.

"There's Christmas items, Halloween items, Valentine's items. Hot wheels, dispensers, office supply stuff...all kinds of things. Almost anything you can imagine."

So....why M&Ms?

"I don't know...I'm just a nut," said Bryant laughing.

Who loves these friends, and says those M&Ms always have his backliterally. Bryant has a big tattoo of the M&M gang on his lower back.

"I'm absolutely proud of every one of them."

Bryant is actually part of a national M&Ms Collectors Club. He says he's still working to keep the collection growing and does not plan on selling any of it any time soon.

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